The best story based 5 movies which you can watch with your family

WatchFlixOctober 12, 2021

If you are looking for some of the best story based 5 movies that you can watch with your whole family, then you have come to the right place. The best story based movies that you can watch all together are the movies of Shah Rukh Khan and Aishwarya Rai. These two actors have created a new genre in Bollywood and called the’medlance’. This genre is all about incorporating fantasy and other genres into the main story line and it has completely transformed the way the movies are made.

Now, a story centered on a love story is considered to be a love story by itself, but if it is told in a better way with twists and turns and a better supporting cast then it becomes an adventure film. All the best movies of recent times are the result of a story being told in that manner. Some films are even termed to be the adventure films and have managed to create an empire of their own.

The Best Story Based 5 Movies Which You Can Watch With Your Family

The story based movies which you can watch with your family can be very educational too. They teach the values that your family should adopt. For example, in the film Jodha Akbar, where the character Chhotelal is indirectly introduced as a father’s aide, this character teaches the young son the values of honesty, respect, trust and understanding. Even if you haven’t seen the film, I would suggest that you watch it and you will understand what I am trying to say here.

Top 5 movies to watch with family and Friends

Here are a few movies which you can watch with your family.


The Spider-Man franchise from Marvel Comics has always had a following of die-hard fans and new ones on the prowl for Spider-Man online games and activities. This comic book hero begins his crime-fighting career when he was only a young boy, and quickly grows into a powerful man who can take out any villain with ease. Over the years there have been many different movies and TV shows based on this incredible superhero. There are several popular ones that you might want to check out if you happen to enjoy Spider-Man games or other Spider-Man-related materials.

One of the most recent movies to feature this incredible comic book hero was The Amazing Spider-Man just a few months ago. This version of Spider Man is a bit different than the previous incarnations since it is set in the 21st Century and includes all new villains to fight. It is also set for an explosive conclusion that will no doubt top the box office this weekend. One of the most interesting aspects of this film is that the villain, Electro, was originally a member of the Symbiotrix secret society.

If you are a diehard Spider Man fan, then you are sure to have a few favorite characters to play with in these games. Some of the earliest games were based around the classic comics that we all love so much, but there are some other interesting ones as well. There are games like the Ultimate Spider Man that takes place after the events of the original comic series, but it is actually a game based on the Spider Man: Homecoming movies which is a great way to get familiar with one of your favorite Spider Man characters while still in the theater.

These types of games let you jump right into the action and allow you to be part of the adventure at the same time. You can even download some of the digital comics that are produced by Marvel to read while playing these games to give you some background on this incredible superhero.


Friends is one of the best movies you will ever see. If you have a family who loves watching movies together, then this is the perfect movie for you to introduce them to the wonders of the movie world. In fact, you will notice that even if the entire family does not like the movie, they will still find it extremely funny. The movie itself revolves around a group of friends who get together often in order to spend time together. It also tells the story of how the friends make up in order to have a fun time.

This movie tells the story of three friends who find themselves in extremely deep trouble after they all decide to go on an annual vacation together. There is a whole lot of romance and comedy involved in the storyline. It also has some great music included in it so you would not want to miss out on listening to it when you are watching the movies with your family.

No one knows what is going to happen in the final scenes of this movie. The entire ending can be a great deal of closure for you to see. However, you should always wait until the end of the movie before you watch the ending. This is because there might be some things that were left out of the original plot which would be shocking for you to see after watching the movie. But once you have seen the end you will surely be able to understand what is happening and why the main characters had to go on their adventure in the first place.

This movie will not only entertain you but will also keep your mind active for the rest of the evening. You can watch this movie with your friends and they will not be able to get bored with it. You will also love the various special scenes which are present in this movie. There are jokes throughout the movie which will really get you going and make you laugh throughout the movie.


over the years, I’ve seen many movies that star or involve Cinderella. However, Cinderella’s story and the movie itself have always been a favorite, so when Disney brought the film back in 2021 I was surprised by its popularity. The storyline follows two happily married couples who own a small country house and are living a carefree life in it. One day, they are invited to a ball at the royal castle. The royal couple is involved with a number of different activities during the party including a riot caused by a scheming bride and a thief prince. When the couple finally leaves the ball, they are met by a charming prince who lives in the country, Ariel.

Ariel and Cinderella instantly become best friends and she teaches the young Cinderella how to deal with people and situations. At the beginning, it appears that nothing good will ever happen to Cinderella because of her misfortune but as the movie goes on, we learn that Ariel has a secret plan that involves getting her prince to fall in love with her. Another interesting part of the plot involves Ariel’s magical powers that include creating ice palace that make people fall in love with her. One interesting thing I noticed about this movie is how little details are given to us regarding what kind of personality Ariel has. She seems cold and distant most of the time and sometimes ruthless.

Overall, I found Cinderella to be one of the family friendly movies that Disney made. It is entertaining and will give you chills and make you want to watch the sequel. This family friendly movie ranked third amongst the top three family friendly movies released in 2021. If you haven’t watched this particular movie, you should definitely do so before your children get a chance.


Jumanji is a story of three cousins who live in Manila, in the Philippines. The movie is based on the book of the same name written by Filipino author Al Vicente. The book was turned into a successful motion picture directed by Peter Berg and starring Leonardo DiCaprio, Kevin Spacey, Will Smith, and Celine Dion. It was released in 1998, but didn’t receive warm reviews from critics. In fact, some referred to it as a “brat pack.”

The movie follows the daily life of the three cousins as they grow up in Manila, in the Philippines. It is also influenced by American pop culture and urban music such as Nelly’s hit “Dreamy (iator)”. As a result, many Hollywood movies have been made about the Philippines and the Jumanji franchise has become quite popular among Hollywood’s A-list. There have even been attempts to write a sequel to Jumanji. However, this is still unconfirmed by Disney.

Regardless of the quality of the films or the overall quality of the franchise, there is still a lot to expect with the new Jumanji movie. Based on the original story by Al Vicente, the next level of Jumanji will most likely be released sometime in 2021. For more information on Jumanji and the future installments, check out the main article.


One of the most interesting films of the year, Mulan is a love story between a boy and a princess from a remote island. Powerful performances by Idris Elba and robotics expert Will Smith bring the characters to life, while the visual effects are impressive both in picture and in trailers. The theme – which centers on a fierce war between Mulan and his brother Ubik – is very poignant and the visual treats are excellent throughout the film. Will Smith’s character, after discovering his birthright and seeing the destructive power of the Chinese military, chooses to free his people from Chinese rule. This leads to an epic and emotional battle.

Will Smith plays the role of a young boy who lives with his grandma and younger sister on the island of Omashua in the opening scenes. From there, the movie follows the misadventures of the young Mulan, who must struggle against the evil macho who has been hired to train him (Smith’s character), along with his Uncle Po and his own deceased brother. If you want to see movies to watch with family, this is one of the better ones out for a couple of reasons: it is engaging and entertaining, and it is not too heavy on symbolism or on China.


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