Top 10 english thriller movies all time best you should watch

WatchFlixOctober 12, 2021

In case you are new to thrillers, let me give you my personal opinion about the top 10 English thriller movies that you should watch. This is not a shortlist by any means and I am sure you will discover some films that I did not include. My personal list is comprised of films that have managed to influence international audiences in such a way that they have been talked about and reviewed at every major news media worldwide. These films also managed to earn billions of dollars worldwide.

Skyfall 2021

Skyfall 2021 is going to be the twelfth installment of the Harry Potter series and stars Eddie Murphy as Lord Voldemort, Kevin Spacey as Grindel, Emory Douglas as Fudge, Barbara Hershey as Luna Lovegood, Edward Norton as Albus Dumbledore, Hugo Princesse as Bellatrix Lestrange, Sienna Guillory as Luna Lovegood, Aidan Gillen as Mulish and Jennifer Aniston as Hermione Granger. This time around the story takes place in Britain during the time frame when the Dark Lord has temporarily left to train his army.

However he is still very much there in spirit and head as he plots to destroy the World Heritage Site in New York. He intends to make this happen by using his dark magic on the unsuspecting world. The world will be forced to relocate to America under the threat of the prophecy, which states that someone will die in the cities that are close to the ocean. Luckily the United States government was able to put a stop to this threat when they made a deal with the British Ministry of Defense to rent out the location where the Crucifix was located, to ensure that no one would be harmed in this new location.

The Prestige 2021

Winner of eleven Academy Awards including Best Picture, The Prestige 2021 is a film directed by Clint Eastwood and starring Robert Duvall. Like its predecessor, The Prestige follows the life of a middle-aged, retired police officer (Robert Duvall) who has been chosen to be the district attorney of a small Midwestern town. Consumed with guilt and believing that his wife is physically abusing him, he sets out to discover the truth. However, when his own murder case intersects with the trial of another suspect, he must use all of his knowledge, experience, and deductive reasoning to manipulate his way through the complex web of relationships that he is forced to play in order to bring each scenario to an acceptable conclusion.

Although this movie is not without its faults, it is a fantastic picture of psychological suspense and truly is one of the best films of its type to be released in years. The Prestige 2021 movie starts off with Duvall’s character leaving his hotel in the morning and traveling on a double freight truck, which he must navigate through a number of obstacles and strange events before he reaches his destination…

The Prestige 2021 is certainly not for the person with little regard for wordplay or complicated scripts. For those who do enjoy such elements in movies, then The Prestige 2021 is not for you. The majority of the movie is spent in the old-fashioned detective work, with Duvall sleuthing his way around the small town and rural area of his jurisdiction.

Although each scene seems to stretch out for several minutes, the viewer is never given more than a couple of minutes to digest what is taking place before another event takes place, such as the kidnapping of a young girl (EmmaStone). The entire film plays out like a long scene from a Clint Eastwood western, as he drifts from one heartwarming and charming situation to the next.

A Good Day

“A Good Day” is a beautifully crafted romantic comedy, which takes the viewers back in time just a little bit. Michael Connelly uses everyday events as the basis for his plot, while giving the story elements a heightened level of reality and tension. The lead character, Michael Connelly, is given a completely interesting background, which adds to the overall appeal of the film. The supporting characters are also given equally interesting backgrounds, so that they also feel like real people, with their own desires and secrets.

The movie “A Good Day” is not only a romantic story about a young man’s quest to have a good day, it also showcases a boy’s life in a different perspective. The man’s father, a respected farmer, has died in a strange accident, leaving him and his family to raise their children alone. The son of a different woman, David, finds a new love, Sarah, and plans to marry her, but he soon discovers that she wants him dead. He then plans to get there power-hungry and powerful soon enough, so that he can fulfill his ambitions.

The Day the Earth Stood Still

The next movie on our list is The Day the Earth Stood Still. This movie is directed by James Cameron and stars Matt Damon and Anne Hathaway. It’s a very classic movie and I believe that if people have not seen it yet, then they definitely need to go out and see it. This is also another incredibly popular movie on our list that everyone should watch.

Pirates of the Caribbean

Our next movie on our list is The Pirates of the Caribbean franchise. This movie stars Keira Knightley and Brad Pitt. On this list, you will not only find some great movies with big budgets, but they also tend to have great casts. You might be surprised at how good Keira Knightley and Brad Pitt are at playing the characters that they are given.

The Girl On The Train

Winner of four Academy Awards including Best Picture, The Girl On The Train is a brilliant psychological thriller that depicts the mental side of a woman after she falls for an alcoholic. Starring Academy Award winner Anne Hathaway and her daughter Lisa Marie Presley, The Girl On The Train is one of those rare films from yesteryear that still manages to be funny and entertaining today.

The Girl On The Train is a film that every person should see – not just those who are into psychological thrillers. Although it doesn’t have the longevity of some of the classic movies of past decades, The Girl On The Train still stands tall as one of the best films of its type.


One of the most underrated films of 2021, Nightcrawler is a hilarious comedy directed by Rob Reiner and starring Ed Harris and John Tutturro. With a plot that could almost be called derivative (or at least that’s what the writer claims), Nightcrawler is an oddball comedy that’s not entirely serious. A wry look at life in the fast-paced world of high-tech crime fighting, Nightcrawler is a movie that’s well worth the time – and a lot of money – to see.

Man on the Moon

In 2021, Angelina Jolie plays the lead role in the machinist film “Man on the Moon.” She plays a machinist named Arlen Bales who becomes the friend and mechanic of CIA agent Scott Bales. This movie is directed by Steven Spielberg and starring Angelina Jolie as well as Dan Aykroyd, Sidney Poitier, and Jean Baptiste Camille. This movie just made me crave for more Angelina Jolie films.

inside man

When discussing the inside man, we have to talk about Bryan Cranston. In the movie “Rocky”, we saw how Cranston plays this character with a quiet confidence that seems to be an entirely natural occurrence. He walks around wearing baggy clothes that seem to make him look like he just came off the set of a movie where he was in real life. He knows that he looks good and nobody will be able to take away the fact that he is the perfect man for the job. You could say that every actor who has played the inner man has done a great job.

Zero Dark Thirty

One of the most talked about films in recent years has been Zero Dark Thirty, a Hollywood movie that has made the buzz in the film industry. Fans have been excited about this film ever since it was released in cinemas two months ago and they just can’t seem to get enough of it. With a fast paced plot, some of the finest actors and actresses from Hollywood joining forces with a unique story, Zero Dark Thirty promises to be an exciting film for 2021. It will surely be one of the most talked about movies all over the world.


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