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WatchFlixOctober 14, 2021

It’s interesting that the selection of movies for older people is such a personal choice. Many people, in their mid to late 30’s, may have been exposed to a wide array of popular movies during their childhood. Some of those memories will be painful, and others will be laugh lines. But through the years, I’ve noticed a common thread developing. When given the choice, older people will always choose movies aimed at children.

10 Appropriate Movies For Older People


For a long time, this was the case. Ten years ago, I heard a story from a woman who was attending a wedding in her home town of Portland, Oregon. She was upset about the lack of family movies. After the groom spoke about his own experiences growing up with too many TV shows and video games, the woman said she realized “it’s actually better that we don’t have any television shows or video games.” And I thought that was a brilliant and appropriate speech.

The Help

The Help is a very good movie with an ensemble cast that is excellent. Tom Hanks is fantastic in his role as the lovable but slightly senile old man, Sideways. Also appearing is Dan Aykroyd, who plays a tailor shop owner who helps older people create their own wardrobe from their clothing stashed away in their garage.

With Edward Herrmann playing the head of an agency that sells these items to people, The Help is a fun and enjoyable film that just happens to be filled with great one-liners that really made it easy for me to crack a smile. If you are looking for a movie that has the ability to bring back fond memories or at least make you smile a little bit then The Help is definitely a candidate for that list.

Though the storyline is engaging, The Help also does have its moments where it takes a turn for the worse. One scene in particular is where Aykroyd’s character gets a taste of old age, as he sees old people in a nursing home getting bathed. The funny thing here is that this is taking place while he is supposed to be working on some new clients. So, in short, some people are being bathed… but no one is noticing. In fact, the only person who really notices is newcomer played by Edward Herrmann, whose comings and goings are a riot to watch.

Though The Help may not be the greatest film of the year, it certainly was fun to watch. I especially found the coming of age story funny and entertaining. I would definitely recommend The Help to anyone who is a fan of either comedy or dramas. The movie was directed by Wes Anderson, who is definitely someone I am fans of. If you have never seen his movies then The Help will give you a great introduction into the wonderful world of him and his films.

Walk the Line

Walk the Line is a coming of age film that depicts an aging couple who are now in a big old house. Their son has moved out and they are left alone to raise their daughter (played by Jennifer Aniston). The movie (and the title) would seem like a perfect fit for someone (age range: forty to sixty) who has seen the end of their youth.

But Walk the Line is much more than a coming of age story, it’s also a comedy with heart and humor. Not only is the late Jennifer Aniston an incredible actress, but she brings the best parts of her career to life onscreen, showing not only a love of movies but of life in general.

The movie itself (the name of the movie would give you an idea of what the movie is all about) centers around the theme of a couple who are forced to adapt to their aging bodies when they finally reach a point in their lives where they can’t have children anymore. After some time in this home, the father (Kevin Pollack) starts to lose his sight and the mother (Sandra Oh), who longs for children, tries desperately to give them to her son.

The couple finally reach the breaking point and there is a lot of fighting and confusion going on between them. At one point in the movie, they both have an almost religious belief in staying young, believing that the longer they live, the happier they’ll be. Things get even harder when their daughter (Abbie Burch) realizes her mother is in therapy, trying to recover from her own childhood trauma.

The movie is much more than a coming of age story though, and much more than just a coming of age movie for older people either. It takes a bit of twist and turns, and while the twists are predictable, the movie doesn’t sugarcoat them. Jennifer Aniston and Kevin Pollack do a great job at making the characters in this movie believable and relatable, making it a very entertaining movie for people of all ages.


Lincoln is one of those great American legends that have spanned generations. Daniel Day Lewis received a best actor award for his role as the 16th president of the United States. Two and a half hours long, with considerable historical content. However this movie isn’t rated, and is suitable for grades 7 12. It is an excellent film that will amaze with its accurate depictions of American history.

Martin Luther King Jr., was honored within the year by receiving a statue in Washington honoring his efforts towards the betterment of humanity. Lincoln was a highly controversial figure; many didn’t have his respect, believing him to be a ruthless man bent on absolute destruction of slavery.

A monument to him sits in the rotunda of the U.S. Capitol, housing the unfinished work of his legendary crusade. An intriguing film about the man and his controversial legacy. An intense and fascinating film that focuses on race relations, race consciousness and the impact of two very diverse and influential men, Lincoln and MLK. A powerful film that showcases the importance of Martin Luther King, his vision and his sacrifices.

All in all, these three films make a fine collection. They suggest a civil war that remains relevant unto this day for those Americans who still value their historic freedoms and endure the pains of a deep recession. The lessons learned are important and relevant today, as we strive to understand our national past and resolve our problems through peaceful means. All in all these three movies make an excellent suggested response to the most important film of our time: Abraham Lincoln: The Greatest Speech.

It is time to start thinking about The Bucket List 2021. You know, the big list of movies you need to see in order to complete your three-day mini-vacation from work. This year’s list will be a little different though. Rather than focusing on the old standards like Back to the Future and Gladiator, it is time to take a look at some of the more unique possibilities that are open to those of us with a wide variety of interests and tastes. While you won’t be seeing The Hangover or Jerry Maguire this year, there are some very interesting and thought provoking movies that you may want to add to your list of possibilities.

One of the most fun things to do as a group is to create a movie based on a fact or a fantasy that we have never heard about or seen in our lives. Many times, the subject matter can be easily researched and then a movie can be created based on it.

For instance, if you wanted to see a movie based on a popular British television series such as Absolutely Fabulous, you could search the Internet for clips or scenes from the series and use them to create your own movie. Even fan fiction has been created based on the books and TV shows of this popular series.

Grumpy Old Men

One of the more amusing movies from the 1990s is Grumpy Old Men. Directed by Don Hertl, the film stars Christopher Walken as the title character, and Mark Steine as his friend, Joe DiMaggio. Both men are played by veteran Hollywood actors who have made many memorable films in their careers.

In Grumpy Old Men there is a great deal of conflict that occurs between two aging, alcoholic men who share an apartment block in New York City. It also has one of the best ensemble casts of all-hits star Michael Caine, John Aston, and Jennifer Aniston as well as Don Hertl’s Marlon Brando and Richard Castellano.

The story centers on the titular old men who engage in a series of petty disputes with the new neighbors. The two fight each other over such things as control of a doghouse, garbage, and cold soda, as well as other smaller issues.

Throughout the movie, the titular older men grows more grumpy, and they never catch a break. Eventually the police show up, and they give them the boot. However, one of the characters, an Irish plumber, is allowed to stay and the movie then revolves around him helping the older men get on with their lives.


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