What is the Good Action Movie?

WatchFlixOctober 10, 2021

It seems that the Good action movies are the ones with a strong sense of grit and an interesting hero or heroine. Some action movies are pure escapism, others are gritty thrillers. But there is one thing in all action movies that is consistent – they all have good characters. No wonder fans of action movies appreciate movies like The Punisher, Choke, and The Lord of the Rings. They are perfect examples of good action movies.

Fans of action films love to debate which is the ultimate version of the story. While some critics felt that Die Hard was the pinnacle of allΒ  action films, other fans felt that The Matrix was superior. Both films were Oscar winners and many viewers consider them the best action films ever made. And who can argue with the results?

Good Action Hollywood Movie

Films like Kill Bill, Rambo, and Man on the Moon lead the pack as the best action movies ever made. These films are action classics. Their lead actors are great. They have compelling stories that have the ability to make viewers want to see more. And they are pure adrenaline-fueled fun. It’s no surprise that these films are among the top ten best movies ever made.

Of course, action films aren’t the only kind of film that inspire intense excitement among moviegoers. Movie audiences love to watch comedies. Whether it’s Singles in Arms or Happy Days, any good comedy movie will have its moments of high emotions and strong characters. The best comedy films often lead to tremendous box office successes.

Good Action

So what makes the best action movies? In terms of pure intensity, there is little contest for Die Hard. In terms of memorable characters, Rambo and Heat are near the top of the list. And in terms of sheer spectacle, nothing beats Kill Bill.

The movie helped to establish a template for action sequences in movies. It is rare to find an action sequence that doesn’t include some sort of gun battle or some other intense gun battle. This became a staple of action movies for at least the last five decades.

However, it wasn’t until Die Hard that a director decided to buck the trend. Jackie Chan did, and the results were explosive. I have to hand it to Jackie Chan; he is one of the most original filmmakers in all of action movies.

Of course, there are some action movies that do manage to be entertaining without being overly intense. There are films that have strong characters that are funny, sad, or that are trying to solve the mystery or the crisis. There are also successful films that explore the romance between a hero and a heroine.

The Best Action Movies never take themselves too seriously, but they are often more melodramatic than the action sequences. However, they are usually far more entertaining than the average action flick.

I have always wanted a Bond film on the big screen. I grew up loving all of his films up to Casino Royale where he finally got to fight some of the world’s worst villains for the first time. In the latest Bond film, Skyfall, Ben Affleck again plays Bond, but this time he has been brought into the 21st century and not another spooky old style Bond.

He is now a man with his own mission in life, which is to go into a world where super powers are real and dangerous people hunt him. In an effort to escape from the darkness that envelopes London, he teams up with another agent, played by Daniel Craig, known as Bond girl, Solitaire. Together they try to save the world while battling various international terrorists.

The cast and the crew did a wonderful job casting believable actors and actresses who were perfect for the part. Never once did I feel that any character was over-done or under developed. Each character was fleshed out enough to make them memorable.

Which is the most important thing when it comes to a movie franchise like this one. People remember the names and if they don’t, they will just look somewhere else to find out what happened in the end.

Another great thing about Skyfall is that after the credits, there is a nice sequence where we see Bond at a bar drinking with M and Q. They are discussing how good M is at taking care of her father. When M mentions how good Bond is at taking care of her, we get a brief snippet of what happens to Bond after he nearly kills her in the first place. This is an odd sequence that makes you realize how great James Bond is.

Casino Royale was a big hit with moviegoers, bringing back many classic characters that had been left out of the original series. The end result was even better than the first movie. No one can deny how amazing Skyfall was, but Casino Royale takes it to the next level. No one is quite sure what the end results will be, but there is no doubt that Casino Royale gives hardcore Bond fans everything they have been waiting for.

The final category on this list is the tongue-in-cheek fun action movie. This category was always going to be popular because the rule of thumb for action movies is if you can throw in a couple of explosions, then you can count on at least one laugh from the audience.

Some examples of this type of film would be Star Wars, Superman, and Die Hard. Spider-Man 2 is one example of a fun action movie because of the witty banter between Peter Parker and his alter ego, Spider-Man. If you like your action sequences to be a little bit serious, then this is the kind of movie for you. I recommend this movie to people who enjoy action sequences with a little bit of humor.

This list might seem short, but it will soon grow. One of the things that annoys me about most action flicks is the overuse of special effects. No one wants to see explosions and people falling from buildings. I am sure that someone does eventually fall from a building, but why waste your time watching it when the stunt actors can just jump out the window without any repercussions. Luckily the Bond movies finally got a little more creative with Skyfall, Casino Royale and Quantum of Solace. Maybe the next two will top them all.


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